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  1. This shows how much girls are a head of boys. Boy; completely clueless to what going on and why she is showing off and probably thinks it is gross that her friend is taking a pic of here * Girl; knows exactly what she is doing and wants him the boy to notice her and trying not be slutty while doing it, if she is a brave as she appears and don’t get the attention she wants. Later they will play hid and go get it….i mean seek. I remember playing that game with only boys and it was fun but, playing with girls…they made it so much better. First time i got felt up by a girl it made me jump. She knew what to grab and squeeze when she went into my shorts. She said wow it hot so hard quick, i remember seeing how big and eyes got and the smile on her face. She said do the same to me, i remember feeling it being hot and wet. She giggled and said enough and took my hand out. I thought ewww pee, but as i smelled it it didn’t smell like pee and that is when i got interested in girl.

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