I want to feel your seed inside me, Daddy!

Let’s break Mom’s heart.


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  1. Well I wouldn’t want to disappoint my little princess so, Ok then. Get up to my bedroom, strip and spread your legs so daddy can stick his cock in your pussy. I’ll give you all the seed you want.

  2. Who would turn down that request? Not me! I’ll fill you full every day!
    Of course if you really want to break mom’s heart, I’ll invite her best friend’s husbands over and let them all shoot their seed into you too!

  3. Rebecca here started having sex when she was 13. Now 15, she has had multiple boyfriends. She has had every kind of intercourse. She recently started inviting her friends’ fathers over and providing herself as “entertainment” for them, one after another. No kidding, she gets off on grown men taking turns with her.

    Rebecca’s favorite sexual position is lying face up on the bed with her hands tied to the bed rail, and being taken roughly by a strong man while wrapping her legs around his waist. And she always climaxes (“cums”). What a junior sex goddess! I feel the need to shoot some seed into her again.


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I saw Alicia Silverstone do this in "The Crush"

Hot mama😍