– USE DESCRIPTIVE TITLES! One word titles like ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ or ‘teen’ won’t be approved
– No nudity, nor naked photos of any kind, whatsoever! (This include topless)
– No pictures that are excessively lewd or suggestive.
– Candid pictures and Creepshot not allowed. Go to for that kind of content.
– No copyrighted photos, nor those with logos, watermarks, nor icons on them.
– No children, pre-teens, or otherwise too-young, nor those with children prominently in them.
(Note: a photo that looks too young IS too young, regardless of actual age.)
– No images that are tiny/too far away (where the photo subject is less than half of the image).
– No low quality images; excessively blurry/out-of-focus (including grainy, gritty, and or pixelated), nor poor contrast (dark, washed out).
– None that are upside-down, nor incorrectly rotated (where the photo subject is more than 45 degrees out of context).