Dress Up with Mommy’s Lingerie


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  1. “Come in here RIGHT NOW!!”

    “ I found this picture of you on a teen site called Jailbay…
    what are you doing dressing up like that?!?!
    You’re only 1 5 years old!!!!
    But you look so grown up….
    I like that…
    You won’t get in trouble if you go and put that lingerie on right now!

    My little girl is sooo sexy!
    Now…. dance for me… that’s it.. turn around… bend over!
    Nice ass!
    Now – get on my lap and dance!
    You make Mommy sooo wet!!!”

    • “Yes! Grind on me!
      Take off your bra… such cute little buds!
      Now- reach in your panties and finger your cunt!
      I hear that sloppy wet sound.. put your fingers in my mouth…!
      Mmmmm!, you taste delicious, Mommy needs to make you * with my tongue!! 👅

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